Vintage/ Antique Rolls Razor / Strop:1927 Imperial 1,Silver Plated? :2 Available

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How to Date a Rolls Razor

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I picked up this early silver plated Rolls razor today, is there any way of dating it from the number on the handle? R I think (badly struck).

Valerie lives in Birmingham, Alabama and writes about fun things, like recipes that really work! The Gillette adjustable double-edge safety razors of the mid-twentieth century—including the Fatboy, the Slim Adjustable, and the Black Beauties—have become popular both for shaving and collecting. These models have an adjuster beneath the head, that allows you to raise and lower the razor blade to control the closeness of the shave. These classics make lovely gifts for a man who enjoys wet shaving.

Their style and quality bring back the memory of fathers and grandfathers lathering up! You can find vintage razors in many places—your family’s attic, flea markets, yard sales, or thrift stores. In many cases, the razors were put away dirty and wet, and left to corrode and even rust. How can you decide if it is worth buying?

We’ll be looking at some old, grimy adjustable razors, and seeing how to evaluate their condition. Vintage razors at flea markets and yard sales will often still have an old, rusty blade inside.

Rolls Razor

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The Rolls “The Whetter” trademark was registered in the U. The U. The name “Rolls Razor Ltd. The razor was still manufactured and sold in the s. Several models have been made. Pre and gold plated models seem to be the rarest. Older razors do not have a Greek key pattern on the case. The nickel plated Imperial No. The factory address was Cricklewood Broadway, London, N.

By the U. The Viscount Model is shown in the photo at the top of the page. It was manufactured after WW2 and was sold in the U.

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A razor is a tool with one or more blades used by men for shaving the hair from their face, and by women for shaving hair from their legs and underarms. The earliest razors known are from the Bronze Age. They were made of bronze and had an oval shape. There are different kinds of razors today, including straight razors, which are rarely used, and safety razors and electric razors. A slightly different type of electric razor is used to trim and cut hair from the head, because hair can be cut much more quickly with electric haircutting razors than with scissors.

Razors have been identified from many Bronze Age cultures. These were made of bronze or obsidian and were generally oval in shape, with a small tang protruding from one of the short ends. Various forms of razors were used throughout history, which are different in appearance but similar in use to modern straight razors. In prehistoric times clam shells, shark teeth, and flint were sharpened and used to shave with. Drawings of such blades were found in prehistoric caves.

Some tribes still use blades made of flint to this day.

Christopher Morris, liquidator – obituary

Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from until , and on deluxe models from until except for a period in Give the operating handle a few double-strokes, and then wipe away any stray lubricant from all other surfaces. What you see online is exactly what you will get. My roll can be explained by prior ebay buyers as one of the best! I do combine won auction shipping cost. See my roll Auctions.

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If that sounds like fun, why not sign up and join in? Sign Up Sign In Sign in to your account. Remember me. User Info yohannrjm. This post was last modified: , AM by yohannrjm. I have about eight of these sets, mostly complete, but some incomplete – used for parts. It is a safety razor that is based on a segment of a wedge straight razor, that’s fitted with a safety bar and is held by a handle.

There were several of these adaptations of straight razors to safeties that came into the market in response to Gillette’s invention of the safety razor. The Rolls Razor differed from the others in that it came in a case designed to allow a user to touch-up and strop the blade within the case itself. More on that later. The razors were made from the early to mid ‘s, and there were several models made. I’ll be describing the models I have.

The cases in this model were made of brass, and were usually silver-plated and sometimes rarely gold plated.

Dating early Rolls razor

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Unfortunately, Rolls Razor went into voluntary liquidation before the dividend relied on a line of cases dating back to to justify finding a primary trust in.

Sixties mums didn’t have the luxury of disposable nappies. Terry cloth nappies, fastened with large safety pins, were by far the main type of nappy in ; leaving mum the gory task of scrubbing and washing baby’s best efforts in her Rolls Razor Twin Tub. By the end of the s Pampers disposables had become hugely popular — one of the fastest switches in consumer buying patterns ever!

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How To Use, Hone & Strop a Vintage Rolls Razor